Benefits of latest food processing technology and machineries

Published: 13th October 2010
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Despite the fact that Indian companies are exporting machines in these fields to various countries, Indian technologies are still trying to match the technologies available in European and Western countries. It could be possible through association or collaboration also and Indian companies and foreign technology providers are developing such agreements. Use of latest machineries and their development is seen as ways towards:-

1. High tech processing.

2. Production of innovative products.

3. Much faster production to feed the requirements of markets.

4. Hygienic production of items.

5. Better maintenance of quality of processed food products.

6. Much better utilization of perishable agri-produce.

7. Precision and accuracy.

8. Saving the raw qualities of basic agri produce used for processed food products.

9. Up gradation of unorganised sector into a real commercial and professional units as per present standards and demands of educated consumers full of awareness.

10. Maintenance of national and international standards.

11. Development of economy of individual players, industry and the country.

12. Acceptance of final product among consumers domestically and internationally due to state of the art production units and fulfillment of different regulations maintained by various countries.

13. Production of food products on much larger scale all over the country.

14. Multi-fold increment in the export to various countries, promoting the economic standards.

15. Multi-fold increment in the foreign revenue.

16. Healthy food for the masses.Visit

Time tested and automated machineries are the priority

Acceptance of superior equipments and machineries is improving year after year. Due to intentions for continuous production, people want their systems to run continuously without failure. Off course people are willing to pay for such machineries. Technically there is total change as compared to technology before five years. International technologies, machineries and equipments, thoroughly backed, tested and already accepted in native or other countries for years, are being easily accepted in India. In other words, time tested machines are finding their place in Indian markets with more reliability. Companies doing complete lines in India, work with in house engineering and in house service departments, which is a most important factor for the industry people buying the machineries or complete solutions. More over there is a stress on automated machinery in all kinds of segments like snacks, food processing, beverages, meat industry, confectionery, packaging of various products etc; consumers prefer well packed food items, which fulfill hygienic conditions. Therefore, the automated packaging systems are on priority list.

On other side, there is the need to know the size of markets in few specific segments and also understand the fact that organised sectors are taking over the market share of unorganised sector due to some of the weak points. These would be helpful in understanding the requirements of equipments and machineries all over India to a good extent and transformation of small scale household businesses into mechanized one like the street corner sweets and snacks business in every corner of India. Also, the efforts are going on regularly to transfer the small scale regional food products from one state to other states through mechanized production. Visit

Price sensitivity is a vital factor

Indian market is quit price sensitive. Therefore, in many cases the imported machinery stands quit expensive for the entrepreneurs. There is the need to manufacture or assemble using foreign technology at local level also, which fit into the Indian atmosphere and budget, in collaboration with foreign manufacturers. Undoubtedly, the international standards are needed to be maintained in all the cases. That way, the total project cost becomes less, reduces the cost of maintenance and thus the price of final product for the consumers. The purchasers are also required to understand the actual necessities, the cost of maintenance and the high performance for the continuous out put, specifically in case of medium and small manufacturers. Many foreign machinery manufacturers are opting for tie up with local manufacturers to cut down the labour cost, as the labour cost in some of the developed countries is quit high, which affect the cost of machinery. The cost of machineries and equipments affect the total cost of the project.

It is quit vital to make people understand about economic benefits as per present marketing necessities and future aspects. In this direction, government, technology transfer agencies and machinery manufacturers need to make continuous efforts. The outputs like well defined ethnic and regional products, innovative products, more value additions, inventive packaging, completely hygienic production, production as per norms and issues maintained by the government and awareness among consumers regarding value added products are imperative factors, which would attract existing and new entrepreneurs towards latest machineries on larger scale. It is quit important that small and medium entrepreneurs should analyse the reasons behind the diversion of general consumers towards products of big players and organised retailing, which is somehow affecting the business of unorganised sector, specifically the units working without the help of latest technology.

Technology transfer with right exposure and as per requirements

It is true that latest technology is spreading its wing in India at a good speed, for example the modern equipments are finding valuable place in case of meat processing industry for products like sausages, burgers, nuggets and other value added products. The present stage shows that lot of plants are working in meat processing industry, which is expected to grow by 200% to 300% in forthcoming 4 to 5 years, as explained by industrial players. It is the same with other segments like snacks, confectionery, bakery etc. Still, we need more in future, as the technology keep improving in various countries specifically developed countries. In India we are always trying to upgrade ourselves and representing companies are putting lot of efforts for the new technologies. Technology transfer agencies and other companies dealing in import bring foreign companies and their technologies to India and introduce new improved machines and equipments.

Food technology solutions carry some basic issues, to be solved by the solution provider company or the entrepreneurs for the benefits of the entrepreneurs it self. These issues are:

1. The technology needs to be at par with the technologies available at international level to gain the reliability in markets and among consumers, keeping in mind that both, the market people and the consumers are aware of the latest developments.

2. The cost of machineries or the complete project solutions should be considered well. The cost of final product for target consumers should not get affected due to the cost of machineries and equipments.

3. ‘After sales service’ should be available easily and at cheaper rates.

4. Trained people for the operation and in-house maintenance of machineries and equipments should be available in the purchaser’s unit or in-depth training should be given to the people, either by the solution provider or the entrepreneurs itself.

5. Entrepreneurs should be exposed to the future aspects and necessities in case of expansion of the business, specifically the small and medium ones. It becomes difficult for small and medium entrepreneurs to invest the money on regular basis in machines and equipments etc.

6. One of the important factors is marketing, while buying the machineries and equipments. Visit

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