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Published: 25th October 2010
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Mahesh Gupta
1.Policies regarding innovative milk products are well based on growing demand for pure and natural milk products in India. The strategic thrust placed on new openings in indigenous milk products, functional and contemporary milk products is full of vision that milk products industry could grow to one of the largest industry in India and also contribute to high level of export in this particular field. The facts are quit encouraging, for example, Amul is focusing regularly on consumer products and brand building in the global market. Growth prospects in dairy industry are termed healthy with credits to free market system, wide availability of raw materials i.e. milk and ingredients, developing technology infrastructure, wide range of supporting manpower, highly experienced consultancy with intelligent data bank, exposure to all aspects and scenario through various media and display methods for all categories of people involved in the related sectors, integration of different segments modern concepts like cold chain and R&D, attractive returns on the investment including foreign direct investment in highly prospective market of India, along with an export potential in the Singapore, Hong Kong, Middle East, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries in the region etc. Visit

To become major player with in the country and globally, India, in the field of commercial production and marketing of dairy products, is focusing on
a) Quality assurance of milk products.
b) Product development and marketing of milk products.
c) Practice and quality control to meet the hygienic standards.
d) Appropriate policies and strategies.
e) Higher sanitary standards framed under WTO regime.
f) Production of high quality dairy products.
g) Development of new dairy products.
h) Use of existing technologies, processing methods and distribution systems adaptable to local needs, national markets and international trade, etc.

2. On the other hand, even many products foreign to India but indigenous to many countries could be manufactured in India, due to good possibilities available. It includes products from milk of camel, sheep and goat. With the time, these new products could find an important place in various markets of India also. If the requirements in many other countries are considered analytically, markets can be expanded to include value-added ingredients like cheese powder etc. there has to be a focus more on consumer products and brand building during the coming years in the global market. Indian dairy products market has to go hand in hand with global changes and requirements. So there has to be a regular co-ordination with international development in case of innovative technologies and new products, which are already becoming unavoidable part of the Indian market. India needs to develop competitiveness in products, which are being imported by markets such as Japan, China and Thailand. These products include skimmed milk powder and butter oil. To meet the various objectives, India needs consistent exportable surplus also. The vision 2015 of government also include the points i.e. increase in level of processing to 30%, enhanced commercialization of ethnic Indian products and increase in India’s share in global trade. Visit

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